How do you guys archive your email?

Like many people, I now rely on web-based solutions for email (namely GMail) and I love it like this. However, I do want to be able to archive┬ámy email from time to time. So, lately, I just downloaded all my email from a veeery long time ago until now, got a huuuge mbox file, and converted it into multiple .eml files because I believe it’s a bit more easy to use/search/archive (but maybe that’s a mistake).

The main problem is attachments: I do want to keep the text of all these messages, but have usually no interest in keeping the attachments in most cases, and I’m trying to make this as small as possible if want to keep it around for a long time. I searched for easy solutions to “trim” attachments out of .eml messages, but didn’t find a nice way to do it automatically so I just ended up opening the biggest ones with a text editor and removing the encoded attachment by hand…

So I was just wondering how you guys handled email archiving. Do you archive email at all? Do you have simple ways of removing attachments? Or do you just dump the whole thing onto a blank CD or DVD every once in a while and don’t care about size?