Why do advertised features often hide crap?

I’m struck by the fact that, very often, the features that are advertised as a product’s killer assets are just lies hiding the fact that the product is crap.

  • Why do I have the feeling that all these products I’ve seen in developing countries with well-known brands on them and a large “Genuine” printed somewhere are counterfeits? It doesn’t sound to me like the real brand would print “Genuine” on their products 🙂
  • In the old days where operating systems were advertised as having “tons of software” for it, you could be sure that that particular operating system did not have the piece of software you needed.
  • A company in France that is well known for its ads showing off their great customer service has the worst customer service ever.
  • A large part of today’s adults in China show a severe lack of education and knowledge precisely because of the “Cultural Revolution”.

An equal amount of skepticism takes over me when I see today’s oh-so-hype “green” concepts and products.

I think we should all do a better job at taking how things are “sold” to us with shiny names with a grain of salt.