I currently work for Google. I was on the Gmail team for 8 years and then joined the Android team. Some of my efforts on already publicly released products (by no means a complete list):

Google Summer of Code

I took part in Google's Summer of Code 2005 & 2006. Here is a video of what I have done during these.

Ubuntu : Linux for human beings

I am a member of Ubuntu. Here are a few samples of what I did for this Linux distribution.

Texturize : a plugin for " The GIMP "

I wrote, with Jean-Baptiste Rouquier, a plugin named Texturize, for The GIMP, a free (and open source) image manipulation program (just like Photoshop), for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Here is the page dedicated to this plugin.


An article (in French) was published in "Linux magazine" (issue 83), about texture synthesis and my work on the "Texturize" GIMP plugin (see the "Graphics" section):


The collection of pocket books (of which I was the manager) includes 10 books. I also authored and coauthored of Passer à Firefox (et oublier Internet Explorer) (Switch to Firefox and forget about Internet Explorer), Sécuriser Windows en 5 étapes (gratuitement) (Make Windows safe in 5 steps -- for free), LaTeX pour l'impatient (LaTeX for the impatient) and Installer Linux (Install Linux).