Manu – The user manual

A user manual for a person?? How weird is that?

I know I’m a strange person :-) But doesn’t it make some sense, in a way?



Triggers, politically correct, etc.

You can assume that I am virtually impossible to offend. :-)


I travel a lot (but I try to work from all places I go, when possible) for reasons such as work, family, friends, medical stuff, real estate business, etc. For instance, I survived stage III tongue cancer in 2007, which is kind of a big deal; I am doing great but I still need regular check-ups, which I do in Paris since that’s where I was treated).

Eating out

I have a strong preference for casual places. I always find it shocking how limitless some humans’ apetite for the superfluous is while some other humans’ most basic needs aren’t even fulfilled. Rule of thumb: if a place requires a reservation and/or has nice cloth napkins, it’s probably too fancy for me. Obviously I won’t be a (reverse-)diva and refuse to go places, but I’ll go reluctantly and pick something else if I can.