Amazon MP3: welcome to trust land


I hadn’t had a chance to try Amazon’s DRM-free MP3 service since they opened it to French IPs so I bought an album yesterday.

All smooth, except that if for any reason the download of one or several file fails (bad connection at some point), you can’t download it again, it just says failed, please contact customer service (which I had to do, but to their credit they were very speedy). You also can’t download the same files again in the future if you happen to have lost them. Why not, Amazon? If I wanted to illegally copy them to other people I could do it without re-downloading them, and without loss of quality, you know that, right? That’s part of this whole d-i-g-i-t-a-l thing. And what are those .amz-blah.tmp files I’m getting as well? Can’t people just refrain from putting their random crap everywhere (and they’re obviously not used for keeping track of unsuccessful downloads)?

Welcome to trust land.