Google's summer of code


I have already written a little about Google’s project, named “Summer of Code”.

At first, 200 slots were available for students over 18. The applications had to be sent before June 14th, 2005. The success was huge, and Google was a little overwhelmed : about 8700 applications were sent, partly because of Google’s excellent reputation and partly, let’s be honest, because of the $4500 grant.

A few days after the 14th, Google announced that they raised the available slots from 200 to 400, saying they received a lot of very good applications and wanted to give a chance to more students. Provided Google also gives $500 to the mentoring organization, the math is fairly straightforward ! (410 people were finally selected.)

Anyway, the good news is that I got selected for this program : that’s why this blog is going to be a lot about Ubuntu (my mentoring organization), GNOME (the window system I will be working on) and Google, in the next few weeks. But I’ll keep on posting about more general subjects, when I have time to do so !

This kind of projects is rare enough (especially from a private company) to be really encouraged. Thanks to everybody from Google, especially to Chris DiBona and Greg Stein !

Something tells me that 4100 fingers will be actively running on keyboards until September 1st…