I love my job, thank you Google!


I’ve been feeling that way for a long time already, but I just want to say it out loud: I love my job!

It’s challenging, interesting, I work with extremely smart and nice people, the environment is productive while extremely relaxed, the Google offices all around the world and the working conditions definitely live up to all the good rumors about them, and I’m given the freedom to work on what I’m interested in.

A couple of days ago I was showing an engineering director how to compile and find his way through some code to help him start contributing in his spare time. I don’t know many companies where this would happen so naturally.

I thought that after 2.5 years of working in this company I’d have found at least a few things I disliked, but I didn’t. I’m sorry, this is gonna sound like some public relation person told me to say this, but I didn’t find any (maybe apart from the legendary Google fifteen). I just love my job.