Since we launched themes for Gmail, many people have asked, not surprisingly, whether they can customize the look of their inboxes without having to use some advanced scripting magic. And while you can't make custom themes that change with the weather like some of the pre-set options, you can now choose your own Gmail colors.Just click on the Settings link in the upper right hand corner of your screen, select the Themes tab, and find the "Choose your own colors" option at the bottom of that page. You'll be able to select colors for everything from the background of your inbox to link text.So if you love purple, now you can stare at it every day. The color picker also allows people with visual disabilities to tweak Gmail into something more comfortable for them, whether it's increasing the contrast between colors or ridding their inbox of bright white.If you ever get yourself into a state where your eyes start to hurt, the "Reset" button will let you revert to the defaults, so don't hesitate to try out crazy designs and share screenshots!Companies that use Google Apps won't see the options for themes yet, but we're working on getting themes to you too.